Marvel tendrá un nuevo Captain America

By Manuel Perez

Captain America 25 cover por Stuart Immonen

Luego de enfrentarse al Iron Nail, ver que su escudo ha sido destruido y que el Super Soldier, Steve Rogers no esta capacitado para ser Captain America. Sin embargo veremos a su sustituto en Captain America #25.

Esto es el comunicado de prensa de parte de Marvel

Steve is in a spot where he’s still determined to serve, and he’s still determined to have a positive influence on the world around him. He wants to work to defend his nation and his world, but he’s left in a physical state of not being able to perform. The choices he has before him as to who he’s going to select as his replacement seem very simple at this point—it’s a short list—but we’re revealing a number of characters in #23 who’ve been gone for a while, that decision gets a little trickier. Steve hasn’t had a lot of time to concern himself with these things. Literally a day after the Iron Nail debacle when he lost the Super Soldier Serum and rapidly aged to the physical age he would have been had he never been frozen, he’s forced to make some hard decisions.